van Stratum




Born in the Netherlands,
Raised in France. I play with my two cultures on a dailybasis.

After studying visual merchandising in Antibes, France,
I joined the Lifestyle Transformation Design department at the Willem De Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Focussing on bahavioral changes, I'm passionate about speculative design and gamification.

I get triggered by systems. My research and design practices are focusing on making the invisible relatable.



Applied game

PARADOXIA The Game is a project on biopolitical research.

This game is inspired by the context of trisomy 21, also called Down Syndrome. A paradox is at the center of the current problematics. Thanks to scientific research, activists obtained better health care, better education and that made the life expectancy of someone born with trisomy 21 more than double, now being close to the average life expectancy but the same research led to the development of a prenatal diagnosis test and an important decrease in the birth rate. 

By making ethical decisions about the fictional PARADOXIA world, players get to experience this paradox. They reflect on their power to decide for others, the impact of social context on personal decisions and the notion of choice. The aim is to open a dialogue. The game being entertaining and accessible allows new perspectives and more freedom than our daily life would.

Part of a collective project :  The Power of Listening

January 2021



Game based coaching tool

Tytil asked me to work on a new coaching trajectory turned around the DISC model.
The concept of the game is that each player brings game elements linked to their own profile to the table. Each player is representing a neighborhood, together they form the city council of DISCcity. During the game they will have to build facilities in their city in order to reach a common goal. They need to adapt their strategy to what they have in order to win.

It’s a metaphor for what happens in the workplace, everyone comes with their own baggage and the team needs to adapt to it in order to work efficiently and smoothly.

Internship project realised at Tytil.https://www.tytil.nl/game-based-coaching

June 2020